Below is a list of all the songs for you to listen to, with a description of what they sound like.

At the bottom of the page you will find a SoundCloud playlist where you can listen to the full soundtrack in one go.



This song begins with a rhythm soundscape. We hear sounds of a train and the wind blowing. We then hear a train announcement along with the Magician and Moggie’s reactions to it. The song ends leading into the next track.



This is a short, happy, bouncy, upbeat song. We hear the pages of the Magic Book turn as the spells are read allowed.



This song is filled with sounds of paper, pencils, staplers and other stationery, layered on top of each other. We hear the Magician and moggie try to find their way out of the book whilst discovering the audience. The song ends with Moggie purring in delight.



This song starts with purring, a gentle rhythm and tune as we are introduced to the melody. A voice sings “Hello” in different pitches and harmonies. A flute is playing too. It is a soothing calming track. There is a pause in the vocals for you to sing the young person name. 

Singing name example:

00:00 / 00:10



This track starts with a booming voice introducing the Magician. We hear audience applause followed by the Magicians voice projected into the microphone as she stutters in confusion of what is happening. A pattern of sniffs and coughs is formed from the Magician’s audience. We hear the Magician decide to leave followed by a “Zap” and a flute scale.



This song starts with the sounds of Paris. It is smooth and you can sway to it. We can then hear a melodica solo, which is similar to a harmonica. The Magician and Moggie react to the milkshake in front of them and we hear them making slurping noises, then confused noises. What follows is a sticky, wibbly, wobbly, tune with strong drum beats.



This song starts with lots of different sounds of water: water bubbling, water running, water splashing. It then leads into the main melody with the banjolele, a type of ukulele, playing underneath. There is clapping throughout the song. The song ends in the bath with sad noises coming from the Magician repeating the word “Home”.

8) SAD


This short song starts with crying noises. In between a siren-like wailing can be heard. The wailing gets smoother and more harmonies join in. It is a reflecting song.



This song starts with a piano and drums and leads into a voice singing “we’re home”. After a short while, the song gets faster as it revisits melodies in previous songs we have heard. The drumbeat changes to match each individual melody.



This song starts with a ukulele and a voice saying “goodbye” in lots of different ways. It then goes into a melody with lyrics about an adventure and going to sleep. The ukulele then develops into a strumming pattern and we can hear a shaker. Towards the end, we hear snoring and sleepy mouth tuts. 

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